What Michael Vick told Jackson State football, Deion Sanders before opener

It is no secret Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders knows a lot of athletes. On Saturday, as his team was holding a pregame walk-through in Miami Gardens before playing Florida A&M the next day, Michael Vick, one of the fastest quarterbacks to play in the NFL, showed up.

Sanders and Vick are friends and spent time talking at JSU’s practice. At the end of practice, Sanders called the team in and had them form a circle before introducing Vick.

“There was none before him,” Sanders said, “and there will never be another like him ever.”

Vick said he had been talking to Sanders about this year’s team and what it really means to everybody involved, coaches and players and even the cameraman. He said he noticed everyone is taking pride in everything.

“Make sure y’all hydrate – it is really hot – and tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be a really intense game,” Vick said. “There have been studies that show the team that is the most hydrated is probably going to perform the best.”

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