Warzone players are furious over a secret buff that makes Vanguard aircraft deadlier

Warzone players have been complaining about the power of planes since moving to the Pacific. Instead of nerfing them, Activision released a secret buff that makes them even more powerful.

Airplanes were first introduced to Warzone with the Caldera update. This World War II theme brought the flying machine that rained terror on the island.

They’re so powerful that people have been shadowbanned for abusing a trick that helps boost their K/D.

While fans expected them to be nerfed, Warzone developers had other ideas and didn’t even let the community know that they had made a massive change to aircraft.

Hidden changes make the Warzone plane stronger

A Twitter clip from Warzone streamer IceManIsaac revealed that planes have been given even more power by allowing them to finish off enemies that have been shot down.

Previously, humans on planes could only smack an opponent, but now they can secure the kill from the safety of the skies.

Fans weren’t happy that this was built into the game. His colleague Expel made a joke when he said sarcastically: “Thank god they fixed that.”

Other people were disturbed by this and wondered why the developers would beef up an already strong feature. “No way did they polish the plane lmao.”

Another person couldn’t believe this even came into play, questioning the decision to even put planes in Warzone. “How did you think adding those planes would add any kind of balance?”

This is far from the first time players have complained that these celestial vehicles are too powerful. But there still hasn’t been a nerf to make these less oppressive on Caldera.

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