Packers fans were furious at Nick Bosa peeing in the stands at the local practice field

You could say Green Bay fans are mad at Nick Bosa.

You could say Green Bay fans are mad at Nick Bosa.
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For several years, whenever the 49ers visited the Packers, they stayed at Appleton, a 23-mile bus ride from Lambeau Field. In preparation for their divisional matchup this weekend, the Niners decided to stay in Green Bay. Because of the change of scene, the 49ers were unable to practice on the field that they normally do in the week leading up to the game against the Packers. They needed a new field. Enter Bay Port High School.

Bay Port has some ties to the Packers. The team’s defensive coordinator Joe Barry and defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery each have children who attend Bay Port. So essentially, Bay Port High has been helping the enemy this week. They took in the 49ers, gave them a place to hone their skills before the game and are only a 15 minute drive from Lambeau. Given that the Packers haven’t beaten the 49ers in the postseason since 2001, it was a betrayal of the utmost severity. How could Bay Port turn their backs on the front runner of the NFC when they needed it most?

Well, it turns out that everything could be going for the best, because 49ers defensive end and two-time Pro Bowler Nick Bosa was caught urinating in the school bleachers in broad daylight and now Packers fans are demanding that he is arrested.

Yes, that really is Nick Bosa peeing behind the stands.

how could he No, how dare he? The school goes out of its way to accommodate the opposition and give them their facilities just to get peed on? Awful! abominable! Despicable!

“A crime of this magnitude deserves just as great a penalty,” says the justifiably disgusted Packer fan. “How about if he gets suspended from playing football for example…I don’t know. I’ll just throw a random number out there… next 36 hours? Hmm, that sounds fair, right?”

You know what? I think that might be fair. Just think about it. This is a public field. Bay Port students were even look at the 49ers training on their field yesterday. If even one minor has seen Bosa’s pendant, that’s a cause for concern. You must throw him in jail at this point. Bosa was aware of the risk he was taking by dropping his pants and calming down and he must face the consequences.

But seriously, didn’t the 49ers have access to the school restrooms or anything? I understand the team may not be familiar with the school layout and where the restrooms are, but I mean an assistant coach or two could have walked around the school for five to ten minutes and figured out the closest spot for their players walk. However, acc reports, the 49ers didn’t stay on the field long — a few hours at most, so maybe they just didn’t have time to find a restroom at school, but Bosa’s urinating was such an immediate problem that he had to leave immediately and be there on the property from Bay Port? Put up at least a small tent for him. Maybe you grab a little bucket. They should have one handy, right? Don’t just spray all of Bay Port’s facilities.

While several Packers fans claim to have broadcast the image Above Nothing will happen to the Green Bay Police Department and the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, regardless of whether their threats are true. Bosa might get a small fine, but when you’re 2019 Defensive Rookie of the Year and an All-Pro snub in 2021, a $2,500 fine is nothing.

And honestly I don’t know why the Packers fans would want Bosa gone for tonight’s game. They have several returnees: Za’Darius Smith, Jaire Alexander, Randall Cobb, Josh Myers, Whitney Mercilus and of course offensive tackles Billy Turner and David Bakhtiari. If Bosa couldn’t play and the Packers won, that would just give Niners fans an excuse to throw the Packers in the face. If I’m the Packers, and especially if I’m Bakhtiari, I want to play Bosa all night. That way, if the Packers end up winning the dub, fans of the Niners can only shake their heads as they watch Aaron Rodgers and co. march to their third straight NFC title game.

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