Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants to offer Americans cheaper prescription drugs

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will offer Americans cheaper recipes.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will offer Americans cheaper recipes.
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When universal health care doesn’t get through Congress, there’s always Mark Cuban to fall back on. The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks started an online pharmacy to combat prescription drug price gouging by big pharmaceutical companies.

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. (MCCPDC) will offer more than 100 generic drugs that will be purchased directly from the manufacturers and sold online at a general markup of 15 percent and a small pharmacist’s fee. For comparison, pharmaceutical companies generally increase prices by at least 100 percent and up to Sometimes 1000 percent.

An example of just how clear the difference Cuban is making with this new dispensary is the price of the drug imatinib, used to treat leukemia. The selling price is over $9,000 per month. The voucher price is $120. And the MCCPDC price – $47 per month. Though not all of the discounts will be as staggering — for example, a popular cholesterol drug that’s available for $55 sold on Cuban’s website for less than $4 – it still makes a difference for American customers, no doubt.

He told Forbes last year, when he was originally involved in founding a cheap drug company, he wanted to “show that capitalism can be compassionate.” Relying on the compassion of the insanely rich may not be the most stable economic system imaginable, especially when these kinds of events are more remarkable than ordinary events. But if there is no regulation for drug price hikes, all we have is Cuba.

The announcement was widely recognized on social media by Americans with stories of themselves and family members being overcharged for life-saving drugs. Jason Call, a 2022 Congressional candidate from Washington, tweeted In response to the news from the launch: “Have we found a ‘good billionaire’? Probably not, but this seems like a better idea than anything our Pharma Congress can come up with.”

The MCCPDC does not process insurance claims and requires its customers to pay out of pocket, but the total prices they offer are lower than many co-payments that insurance companies currently charge.

Cuban has been the majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks since 2000 and has been fined a dozen times for making critical comments about the NBA, umpires and players, which he says he likened to charitable donations. He has also bid for several major league baseball teams, including the Cubs, Dodgers and Rangers, and has expressed an interest in buying the Penguins. He’s known for his short-tempered temper at games – former Mavs player Dirk Nowitzki said in 2006 he had to stop yelling at the umpires throughout the game – and for his unwavering political independence.

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