Hitman 3 has 50% negative ratings on Steam

Hitman 1-3 is a fantastic trilogy and also a bane for digital storefronts. Hitman 3 frustrated players when it first launched on Epic because their progress wasn’t carried over; Hitman 1 frustrated gamers on GOG last year because its internet requirements represent DRM; and now Hitman 3 is back on Steam. It currently has “mixed” reviews after arriving on the platform earlier this week, with gamers fretted by the price, the umpteen expenses and – yes, again – the progression, which for some doesn’t carry over.

At the time of writing, Hitman 3 only has 50% positive ratings on Steam. The main issue with negative reviews is the price, which is set at £50/$60 for the standard edition. That’s the same price as it was on the Epic Games Store a year ago. Some reviews think it should be lower after a year is up, while others think there should be a starting discount. Many users point out that the game previously sold more than half on the Epic Games Store.

The problem is that some players have waited a year for the game to come to Steam and feel they should be compensated for the wait, while others already own it on Epic or on console and want it for the extra ones Content or to own it all, re-buy three games in one place. In both cases, players seem to feel entitled to get a cheaper game.

To make matters worse, Hitman 3 has a particularly complicated set of editions. There’s the Standard Edition mentioned above, plus a Deluxe Edition, the Hitman Trilogy, the Trilogy Premium Add-Ons Bundle, the Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins Collection, and the Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2 Gold. These various bundles are offered for players who already own some pieces of content elsewhere or already own previous games, but figuring out what includes what and what you should buy is a mission.

Even more complaints center around some of the new content added for this Steam release, most notably the addition of the previously PlayStation-exclusive virtual reality mode. Most reviews don’t offer any specifics, just suggesting that the implementation is sub-par. “Even a VR mod from a hobbyist is way better than this one,” writes one reviewer.

Hitman 3 is a great game and a fitting conclusion to a fantastic trilogy. Many of the negative Steam reviews even say so. It seems unreasonable to expect a great game – with another year of content on the way – to be cheap just because it’s a year old. Still, players can’t go wrong if they’re confused by the different editions or disappointed by lackluster new modes if they’re forced to buy the game a second time. It’s a shame that the second launch of Hitman 3 seems as tainted as the first.

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